Sofia Pidwell


The title of the exhibition, “Reconstructing” reflects the idea that brings together a series of drawings created with the same impulse, the same format, the same technique and the same color palette: black, white and shades of gray. By working the color contrast, its endurance and also its front and back, positive and negative quality, the drawings indicate a process of (re) construction.

Concentrated on the thorough accuracy of dotted shapes, traces offer readings whose senses change allowing different readings when given either at close or at a distance look to the general framework, drawing-by-drawing, or as a whole revealing their affinities when viewed together.


Like in micro and macroscopic images, in proximate or distant from their motive images, infinity is suggested. It concentrates on the minimum limits of a point and enables the effect of magnifying glass in what it does and does not reveal. It allows you to understand your ability to view. These drawings picture a simultaneously underground (cellular) and at the surface (terrestrial, lunar or celestial) world.


Text: Maria João Madeira
Photos: Fernando Piçarra